Next in the series of the another beautiful story project that I am working on, features Michelle Yu of The Gentlemen’s Press.

“Young, impulsive and stupid” – these are words Michelle Yu uses to describe how her heart lead her to letterpress.

While we could talk about what ‘letterpress’ is, (“a technique of relief printing using a printing press” says Wikipedia), the question we thought that would be interesting to ask was – what is it like for a young creative, straight out of design school to steer left, not following her peers into University, to jump head on into a craft that her heart calls out for?

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‘anotherbeautifulstory’ is an on-going side project I’ve been working on with a few old friends.

“We showcase stories about artists, artisans and craftspeople. And celebrate the stories about the commitment to their passions through storytelling”.

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watch on vimeo.